Cost of running UK air ambulances so far today £23,729
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“This is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding charity partnerships we’ve ever had. To learn about the amazing work of the air ambulances and the lives of those they’ve saved really resonated with our colleagues. Everyone has been incredibly motivated to get involved, leading to some of the best events we’ve ever undertaken and we’ve benefited so much from the opportunity to meet clinicians and leaders in the industry. It’s been exactly the right match for us and has really helped cement our brand values in the minds of our customers.”  

Jon Dye, CEO, Allianz UK

A corporate partnership with the Association of Air Ambulances Charity (AAAC) is an opportunity to align yourself with a sector that is universally admired, is highly unlikely to court controversy, creates fantastic opportunities for employer and customer engagement and offers UK-wide coverage. We’ve loved working with our corporate partners to date and we’re pretty sure they’ve loved it too. (See the photos below – it certainly looks like they’re having fun!) The AAAC has a dedicated team working only with corporate partners, so we are confident of offering you a professional, enthusiastic and tailored partnership that ensures working together meets all of your charitable and CSR ambitions. We are used to engaging employees at all levels as well as developing more strategic aims relating to leadership, management, communication, teamwork, risk and brand. We will work with you to address your priorities from the partnership, be that customer loyalty, brand engagement, employee engagement or any other need. We do not have a template to follow but what we do have is great experience and expertise to share so that together we can create a partnership that is rewarding in every way.