Cost of running UK air ambulances so far today £30,805
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Meet Simon. He’s known as “the miracle man” to his friends and family. Without the air ambulance, you wouldn’t be meeting him at all.

The dad of four was airlifted to hospital for emergency surgery by Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance after he cut his throat with an angle grinder while doing DIY. Within 22 minutes of the accident, he was receiving the medical care he urgently needed.

“The saw blade actually grazed my main artery and I was bleeding heavily. I put my hand to my throat immediately. I thought I’d bleed to death. I knew I had cut through my wind pipe because as I was breathing I could feel it on my hand.”

Simon underwent seven hours of surgery to reconstruct his windpipe and staple and stitch the deep cuts he had suffered. He was put into an induced coma for five days and miraculously was discharged from hospital a week after the accident happened. After two weeks rest he went back to work.

Simon said: “If the air ambulance hadn’t taken me to hospital so quickly and I was still in the back of a land ambulance when my lungs started to fill with blood then I hate to think what would have happened. We don’t realise how quickly and easily things can go wrong and if services like the air ambulance didn’t exist I wouldn’t be here to tell my story.”

Simon is not alone. Around 70 people every day are treated by an air ambulance crew of specialist clinicians. Every single flight is thanks to generous donors – like you.

The Association of Air Ambulances Charity (AAAC) is the only way you can support all 21 air ambulance charities across the UK through just one point of contact. Air ambulances are called into action only in the most critical circumstances, whether accidents or medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests and strokes. The quick response time, advanced critical care on scene and rapid transfer to hospital can be the difference between life and death. Many of the medical procedures the team perform can normally only be found in the hospital Emergency Department.

However, the brilliant pilots, doctors, paramedics and all the behind-the-scenes teams can only do their work with your help. It costs around £2,500 per air ambulance mission. We’re delighted you’ve read this far and hope you can see already how every single donation helps.